Prior to 1995, Beach Volleyball on the North Fork of LI was an activity limited to the privacy of
backyards and pick up games. Players looking for competitive games, leagues & tournaments routinely
traveled to the ocean beaches for such opportunities with
East End Volleyball. But in the summer of
1995 that was all to change with the founding of
North Fork Beach Volleyball at the Town of
Southold Beach in New Suffolk.

Poles & Nets were installed and taken down each week on the pebbly beach on the shore of the Peconic
Legends Restaurant gave the fledgling organization two brand new Bud Light nets and t-shirts to
all participants. Five loosely formed teams played that first bumpy year that was a mix of volleyball and
survival of the elements. Games were interrupted once by a EVAC Helicopter that landed within 30 feet
of the courts. Later in the season play was also disrupted by angry neighbors who staged an anti
volleyball protest by sitting in beach chairs in the middle of the courts and charged that beach volleyball
players were "Bohemians" (true story & possibly a truer accusation).

But by far the most important milestone was when Town of Southold Supervisor candidate
visited & witnessed the site during league play. She saw the need to develop a better playing
site and delivered on that promise after becoming Supervisor later that year. She and Town of Southold
Parks chairman
Jim McMahon negotiated an agreement with the Raynor family to lease their vacant
lot at the corner of 1st and Main St down the street in New Suffolk, across the street from Legends. The
lease was for the amount of $1 per year for the lot that would occupy two sand courts from 1996-1997.
When the Raynor lease expired in
1998, Superivsor Cochran and McMahon negotiated another
agreement with the
Mattituck Park District to develop 4 courts at Breakwater Beach in Mattituck.
MPD Commissioner
Ed Adams represented a unanimous board to vote in favor of the development of 4
LI Sound front courts on the former west end parking lot. The court site was selected and  built to a
blueprint submitted by founder & President Mike Ryan.

Since that time the organization became recognized as an official NYS non profit and a regional affiliate
AVPNext. Many tournaments, fund raisers, and loads of beach volleyball have been witnessed at
Breakwater since. Thanks to all those who have made this possible.


North Fork Beach Volleyball Champions & Individual Award Winners

Year        Reg Season Champs        Tournament Champs         MVPs                Sportsmanship    

1996        Legends                                Legends                              Eric Wahl                Mark
Eric Wahl, Barbara Hubbard, Mike Conklin, Mike Ryan                          Becky Jens         

Legends defeats Penny Lumber in first ever beach volleyball tournament held in Southold Township, 2 games to 0.
6 teams of 4 players each participated in the competitive 4's league & tournament in 1996.
4 teams participated in the 6's rec league & tournament.
NFBV also hosts first ever weekly youth clinics & open play for teens.
1996 was the first of two seasons spent on the Raynor property's 2 courts in New Suffolk.
1997        Penny Lumber                      Penny Lumber                    John Czartosieski       Steve Kuhl      
John Czartosieski, Geoff Penny, Danny Kujowski, Becky Jens, Deby Kujowski           Becky Jens

Penny Lumber defeats Legends in tournament finals 2-0.
6 teams particpated in the competitive 4's & 4 teams in the Rec 6's.

1998        Legends                                Legends                          Amy Demasi               Steve Kuhl  
Kathy Plock, Dani Golden, Tom Bunch, Mike Ryan                                 Mike Ryan                     

Mike Ryan recommends Breakwater Beach site& submits blueprint for development of 4 new courts at Breakwater Beach.
Legends defeats Penny Lumber in tournament finals 2-1.
1998 was the first year at the 4 new courts at Breakwater Beach.
The competitive & rec leagues merged to form a total of 8 teams & the league moved from Fridays to Weds.
Organization continues with teen clinics & open play.
1999        Legends                                Penny Lumber                   Kathy Plock                Lisa Tuthill
Nick Purchia, Kathy Plock                      Becky Jens, Geoff Penny                         Mike Ryan                     Mark Gagen
Dani Golden,Mike Ryan                  John Czartosieski, Danny Kuawski
Penny Lumber defeats Legends in tournament finals 2-0.


2000        Legends                                Lobster Inn                         Kathy Plock Ryan       Lisa Hinsch  
Dani Golden, Nick Purchia                        Steve Libretto, Keith Stylianos                   Mike Ryan                  Nick Purchia
Mike Ryan, Kathy Ryan                      Kenny B., Ray McLean, Amy Demasi      

Lobster Inn defeats Legends in 5th annual invitational tournament finals 3-1.
League has 11 teams and additional 3 teams participating in bonus year end tournament.
Christina Grefe & Lisa Tuthill host weekly teen play night.

2001        Legends                                Legends                             Kathy Ryan                Tom Caulfield
Mike Conklin, Kathy Ryan, Mike Ryan                                                   Eric Schonefeld           Lisa Tuthill

Legends defeats Eagles Neck Paddling in tournament finals 2-0.
League grows to 12 teams.

2002        East End Sporting Goods       EESporting Goods           Karen Grefe                Steve Kuhl
Sean Symanski, Joan Alotta, Tom Alotta, Steve Kiefer                                Sean Symanski           Lisa Tuthill    

EESG defeats Penny Lumber in tournament finals 2-0.
League grows to 14 teams. Martha Kennelly supervises weekly teen night.
2003        Legends                                EE Sporting Goods           Patty Millman              Lisa Tuthill
Billy Sosnicki, Kathy Ryan                           Joan Alotta, Tom Alotta,
Eric Wahl, Mike Ryan
                         Sean Symanski, Steve Kiefer              Jon Weber                 Gavin Moore

EESG defeats Legends in tournament finals 2-1.
League grows to 16 teams. NFBV becomes a NYS Non Profit and an official affiliate of AVPNext.

2004        EE Sporting Goods                EE Sporting Goods          Tara Frawley                  
Sean Symanski, Tom Alotta, Joan Alotta, Steve Kiefer                         Sean Symanski        

EESG defeats Country Time Cycle in tournament finals 2-0.
First Kim Haeg fund raiser is held at 9th Annual NFBV Invitational.
2005        Scott Tyler's Automotive        Scott Tyler's Auto       Tara Frawley-Brown          Lisa Tuthill   
Eric Schonefeld, Chris DeNigris, Tara Brown, Ray Preston             Eric Schonefeld-Chris DeNigris    Matt Brown

Scott Tyler's defeats Legends in tournament finals 2-1.
League grows to 15 teams. NFBV hosts first ever AVPNext 2's  tournament to benefit Kim Haeg of Southold.
Over $2500 was raised to benefit Kim. Irma Munoz & Jackie Murray won the Womens, Greg Rubin & Chris Klein won the Mens.

2006        Native Eyewear            Scott Tyler's Auto            Barbara Olsen   Al Concepcion                       
Barbara Olsen, James Ringer              Chris DeNigris, Tara Brown,       Mike Ryan                                                    
Fernando Benito, Sean Symanski          Ray Preston, Eric Schonefeld                       Karen Grefe

NFBV hosts Save Dave Now benefit tournament for LDS. Tournament is chaired by Tara Brown and co-chaired by John Ramirez. AVPNext
Open, AA & Rec 6's divisions offered. Barbara Olsen/Tara Brown won the Women's, Greg Rubin & Chris Klein won the Mens Open.
2nd Annual Kim Haeg benefit was won by Tara Brown/Barbara Olsen in the Women's and Jon Leake & Brendan Ivory in the Mens.
Scott Tyler's defeats Penny Lumber 2-0 in tournament finals.
2007     Kolb Mechanical        League & Tournament Champs
Becky Johnson, John Czartosieski, Nick Behrens, Joe Green, Steve Libretto          MVP's Becky Johnson, Ryan Wilsberg
Sportsmanship : Heather Lomaga, Missy Weiss    Kolb defeats Mattiuck Plumbing in finals 2-0.
3rd Annual Kim Haeg Benefit nets over $2200. Pat Santiago & Joe Style win Mens Open, Suzanne Hoffman & Lauren Prisco win Womens

11TH Annual NFBV Invitational Tournament    Results from 8-27-06
Traditional end of North Fork Beach season event.
Teams listed in order of finish along with tournament record.
Thanks & Congrats to all participants!

Team                                           W/L     Team members
1. Scott Tyler's Automotive   7-0     
Tara Brown, Chris DeNigris, Ray Preston, Eric Schonefeld
2. Penny Lumber                      5-2     Kevin DesLauriers, Diane Hartill,Jen Triandafils,Rich Triandafils,DougVanSlyke  
3. Legends                                  5-2    Andy Greene, Kathy Ryan, Mike Ryan    
4. Kolb Mechanical                   3-4    
Bob Burke, Joe Green, Robin Jaeger, Becky Johnson   
5. AT Conference                      4-4    
Rob Conklin, Ryan Evans, Gabriella Macari, Matt Szpakowski, Kelly Urbanik
6. Lick-itty Splitz                         2-6    Will Chilton, Mary Motto-Kalich, AJ McIntyre
7. Spike Nashbar                       3-3    Lisa Hinsch, Mike Kimmelman, Steve Kuhl, Missy Weiss
8. Volley Chick                            2-4   Christine Box, Fred Bracero, John Czartosieski, Joanna Ott
9. Roy Reeve Agency              2-4   Howie Brodis, Heather Lomaga, Geoff Penny, Rich Pepper
10. Mattituck Plumbing             1-5  Lisa Boyd,Karen Grefe,Christina Grefe,Gavin Moore,Kathy Moore,Ryan Wilsberg  
11. Mattituck Village Market       1-5  
Sean Comisky, Courtney Rackow, Danielle Richert, Ken Richert, Paula Thilberg
12.East End Sporting Goods   3-2    Joan Alotta, Tom Alotta, Frank Consentino, Steve Kiefer


                                                   w/l       s/schedule  
1. Native Eyewear                                 32-12            124
2. Penny Lumber                                  28-16           132
3. Scott Tyler's Automotive                  27-17           132
4. Legends                                             25-19          132    
5.East End SGoods                               24-20          124
6. Country Time Cycle                          23-21          120
7. Spike Nashbar                                   22-22            68
8.Volley Chick                                       22-22           92
9. R Reeve Agency                                22-22           88
10. Kolb Mechanical                               21-23         104
11. Sand Skins                                        21-23         116
11. Kolb Mechanical                                21-23         104
12. Mattituck Plumbing                           21-23          68
13.AT Conference                                   20-24         72
14. Lick-itty Splitz                                    14-30         44
15. Mttk Village Market                            8-36           44

Congratulations to the following 2006 individual award recipients.
006 Sportmanship Award Recipients:
Karen Grefe (Mttk Plumbing) & Allan Concepcion (Sand Skins)

2006 Female & Male League MVP's:
Barbara Olsen (Native Eyewear)
Mike Ryan (Legends)

North Fork Beach Open Benefit (AVPNext regional)  Results Sat 7-29-06
  • Special event to benefit Kim Haeg of Southold, NY.
All Divisions Sanctioned by AVPNext:
  • Womens Open Sponsored by Volley Chick

1. Barbara Olsen (Shirley, NY), Tara Brown (Lake Grove, NY)
2. Robin Jaeger (Manorville, NY), Michelle Munro (Hampton Bays, NY)
3. Robin Moore, Joan Alotta (Moriches, NY)
4. Kathy Ryan (Mattituck, NY), Kristin Bartoldus(Hampton Bays, NY)
5. Joanna Ott (Aquebogue, NY), Christine Box (Quogue, NY)

  • Mens Open Sponsored by Native Eyewear

1. Jon Leake (Long Beach, NY), Brendan Ivory (Center Moriches, NY)
2. Sean Symanski (Shirley, NY), Fern Benito (Coram, NY)
3. Chris Klein (W Hempstead, NY), Greg Rubin (Oceanside, NY)
4. Matt Brown(Pt Jefferson, NY), Al Concepcion (Hampton Bays, NY)
5. Rich Triandafils (Wading River, NY) , Mike Ryan (Mattituck, NY)
6. Jon Weber (Rocky Point, NY), Tom Alotta (Shirley, NY)

  • Mens AA Sponsored by Sand Skins
1. Joe Green (E Quogue, NY), Jordan Weinstein (Westhampton, NY)
2. Seth Haugland (Riverhead, NY), Bob Burke (Holbrook, NY)
3. Rich Shore (Mattituck, NY)
4. John Ramirez (Patchogue, NY), Rob Conklin (Cutchogue, NY)
5. Joe Warren (Flanders, NY), Dave Matsuda (Washington, DC)

NFBV Save Dave Now Tournament Results June 2006:
Please visit to participate in additional fund raisers.
Women's Open:
First pl: Barbara Olsen (Shirley, NY), Tara Brown (Patchogue, NY)
2nd pl.: Lauren Prisco (Patchogue,NY), Ali Quinlan (Island Park, NY)
3rd pl: Missy Weiss (Cutchogue, NY), Michelle Munro (Hampton Bays, NY)

Men's Open
First pl: Chris Klein (W Hempstead, NY), Greg Rubin (Oceanside, NY)
2nd pl: Chris DeNigris (Coram, NY), Sean Symanski (Shirley, NY)
3rd pl: Tom Alotta (Shirley, NY) , Frank Cosentino (Shirley, NY)

Men's AA
First pl: Brian Barton (Lake Grove, NY), Al Aguila (Holbrook, NY)
2nd pl: Seth Haugland (Riverhead, NY), John Ramirez (Patchogue, NY)

Rec 6's
First pl: Joan Alotta, Christine Sandgren, Lisa Pringle, Lisa Borny

August 2005

SCOTT TYLER'S AUTOMOTIVE: Eric Schonefeld, Chris Denigris, Barbara Olsen & Ray

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